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Bananas موز


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Beans لوبيا

Product Information: 

Al Jowaily cultivates its own White Beans from the best quality seeds harvesting, and processing are being supervised by experts as they are very sensitive processes. Appealing to all ages, White Beans is considered one of the special products of the company.

Broccoli بروكلى


Product Information: 

Al Jowaily cultivates pre-selected broccoli seeds from the best quality world wide. It is directly transported to the production lines to guarantee maintaining all its nutritional properties. Montana has recently introduced Broccoli to the market, Broccoli proved to be high acceptable due to its nutritional values.


Al Jowaily Deliver Quick Frozen Quality Gourmet Healthy Food...

Head Office : Kom El Berka, El Dawar, Kafr El Dawar, Buhira, Egypt.

Phone    : (+2) 0100-801-7795

Phone    : (+2) 010-1071-6753

Tel/Fax : (+2) 045-259-6017

Email     : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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