Molokhia Leaves & Minced ملوخية أوراق و مفروم

Product Information: 

Al Jowaily Molokhia is one of the extremely popular vegetables among Egyptian consumers. Al Jowaily produces lively green leaves that are free from any additives or chemicals. The fresh leaves are refinery pulled and cut in a manner that preserves its natural shape. The short time between harvests and processing guarantees its top quality.

Spinach Leaves & Minced سبانخ وورق مفروم


Product Information: 

It is distinctive product from Al Jowaily. It is cultivated on its own land from the best quality seeds and directly transported to the production lines; being harvested and delivered to the factory in less than half an hour, fresh leaves are refineries pulled and cut by the most advanced machinery guaranteeing a defect free product with its full nutritional properties.


Al Jowaily Deliver Quick Frozen Quality Gourmet Healthy Food...

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